Refund & Return


“Doki Doki” shall promptly notify the user when the goods related to to their purchase request  cannot be delivered or provided for reasons such as being out of stock and shall issue a refund or take the necessary measures to ensure the issuance of a  refund within 2 business days of the date of receiving payment in advance.


① A user who entered into a contract with for the purchase of goods may withdraw the request within 7 days of the date of the receipt of confirmation notification.

② A user cannot return or exchange the goods in case of any of the following issues when he or she receives the goods by delivery.

    1. When the goods are lost or damaged due to a cause attributable to the user (However, if the packaging is damaged for the purpose of checking the contents of the goods, the terms may be negotiable)
    2. When the value of the goods has been significantly decreased due to use 
    3. When the value of the goods has been decreased significantly due to the passage of time, affecting the possibility of resale
    4.  Items marked 'OUT OF STOCK' on the product page are not eligible for returns.
    5. When there is significant evidence to establish the goods have been copied or replaced by similar but different goods without the original packaging 

③ In the case of Article 2 (2) to (4), when Doki Doki fails to present the information specifying the restrictive terms of withdrawal of request in an accessible location or to take measures such as providing test products, there shall be no restriction on the withdrawal by users.

④ Notwithstanding paragraphs 1 and 2, when the withdrawal is due to the performance fulfilled or goods are different from the content or advertisement, the user may withdraw the request of purchase within 30 days of the day of acquiring this knowledge or within 3 days months of receiving the goods.

shall refund the payment for goods that it has received in advance within 3 business days of when the user returns the goods.

⑥ In refunding the payment, Doki Doki shall immediately request the business operator who provided the payment tools to suspend or cancel the payment request for the goods when the user pays with a credit card or virtual money.

⑦ In case of a return, The customer is responsible for return shipping costs unless the item is damaged or incorrect. Doki Doki will refund 'return shipping costs' once receive the item.